Appostrofo Olive
Strategic Branding &
Marcom International Pvt Ltd.

Today, at Apostrofo Olive, a highly committed team of award winning hands, minds and hearts from diversified backgrounds come together to meet our combined goals and dreams, with a strong track record in meeting deadlines and effective communications.

It owns..
as an apostrofo does
in communication.

Apostrofo literally means ‘to own’ when comes along with name.The name becomes a Brand when it fetch loyalty. An Olive fruit is known for its freshness,purity and strngth- for body mind and soul.

   In Apostrofo Olive’s logo, the way it has been placed just above the fruit olive in the logo resembles stalk of olive.. mkaes umbilical relationship that transcends to the world.Its a symbol that signifies ownership.

It evokes..
as an Italian
name sounds.

We call ourseles as Cre-Active farmers.
Farmers who harvest client dreams..
Farmers who wait for the reason.. and create reasons
to make seassons for the brand !

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