Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
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There are various ways in which the Man-in-The-Middle attack happens. Strong Email security solutions, Web security solutions, Web security protocols, if implemented well, will be a good technical solution which organisations can ensure. Employee education on the patterns and dynamics of several case studies should also be done.

End-to-End encryption techniques will also avoid data being compromised during the man-in-the-middle attack, however the safest thing to do is being as inaccessible as possible to the hacker. Man-in-the-middle attacks could be identified if you check for unknown addresses in your browser and if there is a frequent drop in the connectivity. It is also dangerous to connect to public wifi or public networks as this is the easiest way for attackers to target and compromise our network and data.

IoT devices are equally or more vulnerable for Man-in-the- Middle attacks. These attacks could be hijacking, 2.wifi eavesdropping, 3.DNS/IP spoofing, 4. Hijacking the session using browser cookies, 5.Sniffing, 6. Packet injection. However Man-in-the-middle attacks are more targeted attacks and not as common as phishing, or ransomware etc. the idea is not stealing money or causing small damages instead the reason for such an attack is used to get access to data, tamper goodwill, steal identities. Man-in-The-Middle attack is much more riskier than a normal phishing attack and therefore the damage caused will be much larger.

Author:- Dr Pattathil Dhanya Menon
India’s first woman cybercrime investigator, over 15 years of experience in cyber laws and cyber security, recipient of ‘Woman of the Year‘ award from the President of India, Dr Pattathil Dhanya Menon, pursued her career in Cyber Crime, a phenomenon that a newly Digital India was slowly waking up to. Worked as a consultant for the Govt. of India, She now offers consultancy to over sixteen State Governments in India, including Kerala. In today’s digital data driven economy, when brands are molded with process automation, ‘Data protection’ is of paramount importance. Avanzo now offers consultancy in Formulating security policies for corporates, Intellectual property rights ( IPR) in cyberspace, Cyber forensics, Cyber Legal Audit & IS Audit for Banks and Security Audit as per ISO 27001. Cyber investigation for governments and Case presentation in front of adjudication officers ( India ). Avanzo also conducts Awareness Training Programmes for MNCs, Industry, Govt Depts etc, Avanzo also runs a programme called CAP (Cyber Awareness Programme) in schools to make kids and their parents aware of the risks we face in the virtual world.

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Ajmal Perfumes - Raindrops
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Ajmal Perfume is a famous brand in UAE which got spread across the region like a ripple effect, with a legacy of 70 years in the middle east and the brand has been synonymous with oriental perfumes, mainly Oudh. The dawn of the new millennium brought golden rays into their brand that transcended to their Golden Jubilee year when they decided to start manufacturing French perfume. That was a bold decision, thanks to late Nazir Ajmal who was a genius entrepreneur, writer, poet, orator, scholar…envisaged Ajmal as a perfume, not to just linger around the Middle East but to spread it’s fragrance across the world.

Perhaps that could be the reason why Ajmal choose the name ‘ Raindrops for their first of its kind French perfume, viz. Eau de Parfum. Perhaps raindrops pattered on Ajmal’s roof created a rhythm with their heartbeat. Our perception about rain changes when we are in the desert…where a delusion of mirage may happen in our minds too..a feel of being coveted, perhaps could be the reason why everybody captivates the opulence or is that the opulence drapes them in a fantasy world. Perhaps such a thought might have lead them to the new millennium with a simple and sleek bottle without any fancies.

The brief I received from the marketing team was one word, Raindrops, quite sufficient to make three tiny raindrops to begin the race for concepts, as though a suffix to ‘Raindrops…’. Apparently the idea was cracked in just one hour with a scribble on board, I would rather say that it happened just like that.

Client approved the concept in one shot. The bottle was shot by my photographer friend Binu Bhasker, a Melbourne born Photographer who eventually panned cameras for a couple of award films too. An awesome digital retouching was done by another friend Jomy Varghese, one of the best craftsmen I have ever seen, a well known figure in the Middle East’s ad industry. We have worked on many projects together.

The visual was very minimalistic, playing with a light tone with contrast, without any distraction, not even the so-called mandatory headline! The ad was a hit, came in newspapers, magazines and hoardings.

Author:- Shaji Kizhakathra
The Founder / MD of Apostrofo, Vice Chairman of Ema Manjeri Global Trust.A strategic MARCOM specialist who has more than 20 years of experience in handling myriad multinational brands in UAE, with many prestigious awards for his contribution including London International Awards(LIA), Cresta International Advertising Awards, New York Festival Awards etc. 15000+ creative visuals, 575+ photo shoots..Films, Events.. and a burning desire to do more.

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