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As a BPM consultant for various industries, we researched, studied and documented 'Standard Operating Procedure’ for an organisation to increase productivity, efficiency and also to ensure proactive operational control.

Customised BPM through advanced ERP for Business Analytics, Mobility and Information Management

Key Features

  • Industry Specific ERP solutions
  • Tailored solutions to meet the business challenges.
  • Flexibility
  • Process flow management with interactive BIS
  • Pre built industry wise financial audit procedures
  • Improved HR management
  • Built in ‘Time based Revenue Recognition' as per IFRS standards
  • Improved logistic management
  • Inter and Intra company transaction management

BPM -Key Result Areas

  • CRM -From Lead generation to Conversion to After Sale Support
  • Operations -Plan, Execute and Follow up through defined Flow Management.
  • Finance & Accounting -Adhering to International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Fixed Asset Management -Induct, Manage, Track, Depreciate and Sell through a systematic procedure
  • HR Management -Recruit, Induct, Train, Monitor and Incentivise the resources
  • Mobility -Access the functional flow from anywhere through any hand held devices.

Key Industries

The relavance of ERP in modern world

The whole world is hit by unprecedented mayhem of pandemic COVID -19. In this extreme scenario, we are trying to come up with new strategies to revive your business, where we are unable to manage it manually can be tackled with ERP softwares as surrogate. ERP systems are comprehensive software packages for enterprises which integrates all the processes and functions of a company. In the early 1990’s, the business world started recognizing their need for such ERP systems which has later become the most important MIS tool. Nowadays, the uses of ERP systems are considered as a ‘commodity’, and more companies have started implementing this.

Why Gateway ERP?

Recent studies reveal around 90% percent of all ERP implementations are either over budgeted, over half of them failed to achieve the expected outcomes. We can effectively address and rectify these shortfalls during pre and post implementation phase.

Gateway Technologies LLC viz. Gateway ERP is an associate partner as well as integral part of APOSTROFO. Under the headship of Mr. Sasi Menon (Founder & Director), Gateway today has grown as 'Business process consultants, focusing on flexibility, and transparency in business process flow. We, have developed a comprehensive, ERP solution with BPM capability packed with features such as : Industry specific functional processes, decision support system, high degree of automation, online approval, internal audit procedures, paperless environment and business intelligent analysis to increase efficiency and profitability.

Gateway ERP ensures high return on investment as it is prices competitively and shorter implementation time. Gateway ERP steps into standard operating procedures, simplified business processes, improved statistical analysis, proactive approach in executing jobs, follow up through interactive dashboards and high visibility of pendency across the board. Communication within and outside is managed by task management, tagging, email & SMS integration, mobility and client portal.

This makes us standout as we provide customized BPM platforms, by integrating the core capabilities of ERP systems seamlessly. This also enable your businesses to create full process support applications involving multiple users across various functional areas which is also ready to use and economically viable. Our 24/7 support team is there to help you from implementation to manage day-to-day activities.

What is BPM enabled ERP solutions?

Business process management (BPM) is as its definition suggests is comprised of various strategies used to understand, evaluate, improve and automate the business processes. In this system of business management, it observes these processes as resources in themselves. BPM enabled software let you set a paradigm to your processes with detailing, which is not offered by common ERP platforms.

How it works?

Business Process Management (BPM) enabled ERP systems helps companies to process orders quickly and faster invoicing. BPM systems helps us to identify the processes which are to be re-engineered, eliminated or replaced, whereasERP systems are typically used for the automation of tasks flow within in the various business process so as to make them more efficient.

More comprehensive BPM systems analyse the processes beyond the standard as well as basic scope of ERPs systems, including highly customized transactions and tasks that are being performed manually. ERP systems manage these business processes that are made of several individual tasks that are tracked from one step to the subsequent.

We are here to revamp your company if you think it’s high time!


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  • Branding
  • Graphic design
  • Website
  • Brochure
  • Profile video
  • Presentation
  • Corporate profile


  • Advertising & marcom
  • Social media campaign
  • Digital tools
  • Software defined marketing
  • Booking portal
  • Mobile apps
  • Digital events
  • Standardize process flow

Control & Monitor

  • Automate functions
  • Manage communications
  • Functional mobility
  • Integration with third party application
  • Analyse operations & financials

Information Security

  • Cyber security
  • Data security
  • Information security procedures & standards

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