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Host an event, of any scale and manner from anywhere on our Virtual Online Platform with interactive Live Audience

Key Features

  • Audience interaction with the speakers in „Real Time‟.
  • Presentation & screen sharing.Share your presentation in your laptop to the LED wall in the virtual set.
  • Social media & website integration Go live in your social media page and website using Linux ( social media broadcast).
  • Venue Branding
  • Secured broadcast
  • Registration & payment gateway
  • Poll and Q & A

Let’s imagine sitting on your favourite couch or living room with your kimono on and getting the unsurpassed experience of going for a physical event. Voila! All you need is just a powerful network connection and you will be able to experience the samedigitally with your favourite outfit and pop con in hand. Its true to say that, what we love the most about the digital events are they provide us a front row feel to all, no matter what they are and where they belong to, clearly stating, it promotes a 'SENSE OF EQUALITY'- how everybody gets the best seat in their own home sweet home !

Why digital events?

You might have attended many expos/exhibitions of various firms, which can be either technical or non-technical aimed at a specific Target Group (TG) for promoting various products and services. Though offline events like these gives the visitor an opportunity for one to one interaction, touch and feel etc; often it ends as an exercise for the visitor rather than experience due to various reasons. For the exhibitor also, the proposition is a costly affair besides being very cumbersome

In case of a digital event you can do things differently. You can organize target /geography / theme / content specific events ensuring a large audience participation in ‘Real Time’. You can go ‘live’ as well as go crazy with Q & A , streaming chats, rewards, surveys, run polls , fill in the blanks , go on live leaderboards to announce winners to engage your audience to get deeper insights on their behaviour, choice and preferences.

In fact, a virtual event replicates a location based event where we are supposed to be present physically, but in online mode, by shortening the time slots you would use in a physical event. You feel “AS GOOD AS BEING THERE".

Key takeaways from digital events

Gathering information / Data in ‘Real Time' , is the key 'takeaway' from a digital event over anoffline event. With technology, we will be able to capture our audience's attitude and their keen interactions in a lucid manner - that we could never experience in a physical event. In offline events, we will have audience who are physically present but extremely difficult to get actionable insights from them. But, Digitally, we can have many ways and means of meaningful customer engagements and interaction and the insights we gather could be used in formulating marketing and communication strategies efficiently and effectively.

‘Xpresso Global'

Xpresso Global is focussing on digital events run under the leadership of Mr. AFTAB SHOUKATH ALI, an entrepreneur, business consultant, speaker and trainer. Within a short span of time, he has created a benchmark in the industry with 100+ mega events, launched 50+ premium brands across 25+ industries. Afthab has won several awards including “Young entrepreneur” and “Outstanding business personality”.

Up on all, until now we have had some absolutely cool digital events including India’s first Virtual Door Launch for team SEAOUX with 8500 guests on board, live performances and much more.

In the age of Digital transformation, where everything is being moved to a digital platform, Digital events play a pivotal role in promoting products and services. We help companies to plan their events scientifically and execute the same most professionally. Hence, If you are looking forward to host an event virtually, an event of any nature and scale, please do let our experts be your arm in hosting the same. APOSTROFO , works in partnership with Xpresso Global, and we will make sure that your event is a great success with awesome OG experience.


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