ENIGMA – From Ajmal Perfumes

Agency: Ikon Advtg & Mktg, Dubai
Concept, Creative & Art Direction: Shaji Kizhakathra
Model Coordinator: Saritha Tanwani
Photographer: Nadir Bilgrami
Make up: Pat
Hair Stylist:
Digital Retoucher: Anil Paliyekar
Year: 2012

In common, Enigma makes repulsion. One will always keep a distance from enigmatic people. But in Romance, its just the opposite – its attraction. Enigma is the inner pull – they want to come close to each other, to know more about themselves, and to go deep inside… even tho’ it prevails. And they do enjoy as being. So its more of an invitation.

Here in this visual, I have used ‘manly’ BLUE and ‘feminine’ PINK tones. The man is surrounded by her aspirational pink and woman, his Blue.. their attraction points. They stand both the sides and in between laid out, Pebbles – It’s not an easy access- so they motivate each other.

He has the umbrella to share with her…Protection. She has all her opulent and glittering things to offer, along with herself-so precious is her beauty and persona. The chemistry works there.

While compositing the frame, the woman has been taken as leaned forward, in a silky outfit, hair hanging down, twisted hands.. all to expose her body curves as much as to have a sexy feel yet hidden ‘visually’…so is the invitation between them… Enigmatic.

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