Connecting people and brands on a local and international scale.

Apostrofo or apostrophe is a symbol to indicate a sense of ownership, or the marking of a possessive case. For example, Joe’s Nike. That little symbol after the name Joe suddenly turns a global power brand into something that belongs to Joe. True, Joe’s Nike maybe an old pair of cross trainers, but it still has the heft of the entire brand and makes Joe feel like he’s a champion. Brands rule the world and consumers flock to brands because they express clearly what each person wants to say. A Mercedes or BMW says I’ve made it. Nike says I’m a stylish athlete and Apple says I value excellence with a sense of simplicity. These are perceptions the brands have taken years to cultivate. And once you have these brands, they instantly reflect those values on to you.

what does Apostrofo do and how can we work with you?

Just as the symbol, in a tiny little stroke, takes possession of whatever comes after it, we add that touch of creative thinking to turn products and services into brands that consumers want to own. We work with companies of all sizes to build brands and bring the narrative of these brands to consumers so they in turn buy these brands as an extension of themselves.

About US

Apostrofo brings together an international network of seasoned experts across a variety of fields from branding to advertising, media, software-defined marketing, CPG marketing, design thinking and ERP solutions. In short, everything a company needs to grow exponentially in today’s connected world. Get access to global thinking and leading-edge solutions wherever you are. Apostofo is just a click or call away.

Our Global Associates


Cyber Security Solutions

      Cyber Security headed by Dr. Pattathil Dhanya Menon,Recepient of Presidents Award and Cyber crime   Investigator   for   many   states in   India   including Kerala Police .


Worlds 1st BPM Enabled ERP Softwares

     Worlds First BPM(Business Process Management) Enabled Industry specific ERP Software Solutions.


IIM- Bangalore Incubated 'Phygital' Marketing Company

     SAS based    technology platform      called      SDM - Software Defined Marketing, which could bring change in mass media management, campaign planning and campaign measurements.


   Canada Based Strategic
Branding Agency

     Founded in 2009, Us! is a creative solutions agency that makes the unforgettable happen for incredible brands around the world.


   Xpresso Global-An integrated communication agency headed by Aftab Shoukath.

     Xpresso Global is an integrated communication agency based in Calicut,with 360° communication strategies based on ROI.


Apostrofo Global Academy

     An Endeavour to teach entrepreneurs,CEOs,
Employees,Universities,   Colleges,   NRIs,   Job Seekers,   Students etc.

Our Team

MD, Apostrofo Strategic Branding & Marcom International Pvt. Ltd

Sasi Menon - Founder & Director - Gateway ERP Solutions, UAE & INDIA

Founder & Managing Director, Avanzo Cyber Security

Saro Chandra Bhooshan - Founder & CEO, Series-5 Labs, IIM-Bangalore

Sugeeshma C - Business Development Manager, APOSTROFO .

Sumil Sreedharan - Motion Graphic Artist

Suresh Kumar - Commercial Artist & Illustrator, New Delhi

Srivilasan Madhavan - Corporate PR Strategist, Bangalore