The genesis of Apostrofo’s Consortium emanated from a profound consideration for the clients, recognizing that their quest for tranquility and unwavering focus on business objectives could be actualized through the consolidation and harmonization of their myriad requirements onto a singular nexus.

Presently, clients engage disparate service providers, each a specialist in a distinct realm, devoid of interconnectivity or synergistic alignment. Consequently, clients are compelled to expend their invaluable resources, both temporal and financial, in repeatedly articulating their brand essence and strategic goals to each distinct provider, all the while grappling with the potential for divergent interpretations and outcomes.

Enter the Sandwich Model—an elegant approach to process management that acknowledges the inevitable digital metamorphosis permeating the contemporary business landscape. As traditional and conventional methodologies give way to their digital counterparts, the imperative arises to instill a sense of trust and conviction within companies themselves. Admittedly, the nascent minds of the post-digital era may not inherently possess the requisite acumen to address this need. Thus, a paradigm shift of this magnitude necessitates the delicate interweaving of modern technologies with the sagacity and profound experience of seasoned professionals hailing from the pre-digital era, together with the fertile and aspiring intellects of the post-digital generation.

In light of these insights, Apostrofo took decisive action by forming a consortium, an intricate tapestry of collaborative brilliance, uniting a cadre of esteemed professionals and distinguished service providers. Their collective mission is to deliver a holistic, 360-degree solution, meticulously crafted to present an unequivocal and resplendent digital countenance for brands.

Within the fabric of Apostro’Force resides a formidable array of minds, honed through years of rigorous research and experimentation. These luminaries are adorned with accolades and possess unrivaled expertise in vital domains such as Sasi Menon’s Gateway ERP, Dr. Pattathil Dhanya Menon’s Avanzo cyber security, Saro Chandra Bhooshan’s IIM-Bangalore based Series5 LABS along with seasoned professionals from across the world, for through-the-line advertising. The spectrum of their proficiency spans the digital realm, encompassing the intricacies of activation, social media, and ambient advertising. With their extensive experience in the Middle East, their pedigree includes stints at illustrious agencies including O&M, FP7, Saatchi & Saatchi, Publicis, Percept, Kenneth Cole, Lowe, DDB Mudra, OMD, JWT, FCB, as well as renowned research agencies such as AC Nielsen, Ipsos, Ernst & Young, and others. These esteemed professionals represent the apex of the global Advertising & Communication industry.

In summary, Apostro’Force stands as a testament to the confluence of visionary thinking and meticulous execution. By harnessing the collective brilliance of these award-winning minds, the consortium delivers comprehensive solutions imbued with unrivaled digital expertise. Their mission is to empower clients with a resolute digital presence, elevating their brand to new heights while fostering the assurance of a harmonized and unified service experience.


APOSTROFO or APOSTROPHE is a symbol to indicate a sense of ownership, or the marking of a possessive case. For example, Joe’s Nike. That little symbol after the name Joe suddenly turns a global power brand into something that belongs to Joe. True, Joe’s Nike may be an old pair of cross trainers, but it still has the heft of the entire brand and makes Joe feel like he’s a champion. Brands rule the world and consumers flock to brands because they express clearly what each person wants to say. A Mercedes or BMW says I’ve made it. Nike says I’m a stylish athlete and Apple says I value excellence with a sense of simplicity. These are perceptions the brands have taken years to cultivate. And once you have these brands, they instantly reflect those values on to you.

“Apostrofo brings together an international network of seasoned experts across a variety of fields, from branding and advertising to media, software-defined marketing, website and mobile app development, design thinking, and ERP solutions. In short, they provide everything a company needs to grow exponentially in today’s connected world. With Apostrofo, you can access global thinking and leading-edge solutions no matter where you are. They are just a click or call away.”


Apostrofo is committed to assisting companies and brands in their transition to the digitalized realm. We embrace a strategic approach known as the Sandwich Model, wherein a harmonious integration of professionals from both the pre-digital and post-digital eras facilitates a seamless conversion process. By combining the wisdom and experience of seasoned experts with the fresh perspectives and innovative thinking of emerging talents, we foster an environment that instills peace of mind and unwavering confidence in business owners. Through our collaborative efforts, we ensure a smooth and effective transition to the digital landscape, empowering companies to embrace the opportunities and advancements offered by the digital age.



Shaji Kizhakathra is a visionary strategic branding, advertising, and design consultant, renowned for his ability to ignite brands with strategic brilliance. With an impressive career spanning over 25 years, Shaji has firmly established himself as the Founder Read More


Sasi Menon is the founder/CMD of Gateway ERP. “Real Time Operational Control” is the key to success for any business. SMEs consists of over 90 % of the total business houses in the world and majority of them continue to follow the traditional operating proceduresRead More


Founder / CEO of Series-5 Labs, an IIM Bangalore incubated enterprise. Over 14 years of experience, proven track results as an R&D Engineer and an innovator in enterprise software product development with expertise in Software Defined Networking (SDN),Read More


India’s first woman cybercrime investigator, over 15 years of experience in cyber laws and cyber security, recipient of ‘Woman of the Year‘ award from the President of India, Dr Pattathil Dhanya Menon, pursued her career in Cyber Crime, a phenomenon that Read More


Media Professional with thirty years of experience in Media Marketing ( All media formats - TV, Print, Radio & Digital) in India and the gulf. In depth understanding of Media landscape and marketing communication trends in both offline and online media. Read More

zach abraham

Zach Abraham has over 25 years of experience in the advertising industry. He began his career at JWT as a copywriter and has developed a valuable portfolio of international experience across a wide category spanning consumer, packaged goods, Read More


Afthab Shoukath an entrepreneur, business consultant, speaker, and trainer with an experience of 12 in education, entertainment, events, branding, and consulting. He kick-started his career as the CEO of ‘PEEVEEAAR’ Metro village " The largest ever township Read More


Dubai-based young entrepreneur and a qualified Telecommunication Engineer with vast experience in Core technologies and with SUN, HPE ,EMC, CISCO, IBM technologies etc. He started a company in 2014 with a good clientele that includes Nokia Mobikeum Read More

Srivilasan Madhavan

Corporate brand builder with over 25 years of experience in marketing, advertising and PR communications, and was heading Mashreq Bank in UAE, now relocated in Bangalore.

Shadwell Fernandez

Advertising and Marketing Professional with global experience in marketing brands such as Mahindra Mahindra, Godrej, Nelco, Giordano, Subaru Victoria University, Australia. Equipped with a Masters Degree in Business tons of experience Read More

Sugeeshma Chembreri

With A Masters in Economics from Calicut University and PG diploma in International Business, Sugeeshma holds a position of Business Development Manager at Apostrofo Olive for the last 2+ years. With a research mind and economics Read More

Suresh Kumar

Born in 1963, he was schooled in London & graduated in Commercial Arts from Delhi College of Art. He is currently a visiting faculty in two Design Schools in the capital to share his vast experience & professional knowledge to enthusiastic students. Throughout his Read More

Sachin Ravindran (NID)

Design to him is a problem-solving discipline. As a Product Design Alumnus of National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad & Former Head of Concept Design at GM Modular Pvt. Ltd, Sachin Ravindran demonstrates great work. Read More


Introducing Maanya Kumar - Where Animation and Sound Unite in Creative Symphony Step into the vibrant world of Apostrofo's Creative Department, and you'll encounter the brilliant Maanya Kumar,Read More

Sumil Sreedharan

Step into the realm of mesmerizing visual experiences and prepare to be captivated by the visionary work of Sumil Sreedharan. With an unwavering passion for motion graphics and an unmatched digitalized imagination, Sumil has carved Read More

Hussain Melattur

International Certified Corporate Trainer, Psychologist and Communicative English Trainer . Conducted 3500+ sessions in India & Abroad.


All that a startup company requires comes under this session. Set off your business establishing journey! Reinforce the corporate identity with ample use of effective mediums. A positive brand image requires a positive brand impression. And a topping impression ensures great revenue! Hence this establishing phase of a business is of prime importance and it involves Brand discovery, Brand foundation, Brand identity, Asset creation and we help you create a strong online presence.
Read More

2.Advertising & Marketing

Apostrofo offers comprehensive and leading-edge solutions to business entities focusing on the digital realm. We offer everything you need to grow, from Branding to Advertising, Design thinking, Online & Offline media engagements, Customer engagements, and UX through software-defined marketing, Business process management, Cybersecurity solutions & Data protection…which goes in and around the brand… to become a brand custodian, leveraging an international network of seasoned experts from across the globe. We offer everything you need to grow, from Branding to Advertising, Online & Offline  media engagements, Virtual events, Customer engagements, UX through software-defined marketing, Design thinking, Business process management, Cybersecurity solutions & Data protection…which goes in and around the brand… to become a brand custodian, leveraging an international network of seasoned experts from across the globe. By integrating advanced marketing tools like SDM, booking portals and digital events, get a super-interactive customer base in no time!.
Read More

3. Monitor & Control

World’s 1st BPM enabled industry specific Gateway ERP helps businesses to create full process support applications involving multiple users across functional areas. This helps you in attaining fair decision making and responsibility-oriented culture within the company
GatewayERP is based in UAE with over 150 satisfied clients with around 30 business verticals. Improving process throughput and Reducing Process Steps are the two biggest drivers for BPM, followed by Improving Accuracy & Repeatability. Challenge of bringing operational discipline is handled while deriving functional flow and data visualization. Decision support mechanism enabled in the areas of decision making. Real Time Monitoring is possible. We adhere to the principles of constructing BPM in any industry, dealt with.Read More

4. Information Security

AVANZO is a team of professionals headed by Dr. Pattathil Dhanya Menon, India’s first woman cybercrime specialist, with more than 15 years of experience in cyber laws and cyber security solutions and recipient of ‘Woman of the Year ‘award from the President of India.
Dr. Pattathil Dhanya Menon, pursued her career in Cyber Crime,  phenomenon that a newly Digital India was slowly waking up to. Worked as a consultant for the Govt. of India and now offers consultancy to over sixteen State Governments in India, including Kerala. In 2010, she founded Avanzo and streamlined services into that vertical. We are in a rapid digital transformation phase where everyone –‘Grocer to Tailor to Hair stylist to MSMEs’ and Corporates – All shifting to the Digital platform. Every business now is going to be governed by Data. Hence, in this “Data Driven Economy”, “Data Security” is of paramount importance to any organization irrespective of its size.Read More

5. Consultancy

If we combine the above four categories, it transcends to an explicit consultancy service, that equips you to develop strategies, tighten operations, boost revenues and prosper business altogether. Apostrofo makesits way hand in hand for the smooth operations and right actions on time.
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