Security Crimes

End-to-End encryption techniques will also avoid data being compromised during the man-in-the-middle attack, however the safest thing to do is being as inaccessible as possible to the hacker. Man-in-the-middle attacks could be identified if you check for unknown addresses in your browser and if there is a frequent drop in the connectivity. It is also dangerous to connect to public wifi or public networks as this is the easiest way for attackers to target and compromise our network and data.

       IoT devices are equally or more vulnerable for Man-in-the- Middle attacks. These attacks could be hijacking, 2.wifi eavesdropping, 3.DNS/IP spoofing, 4. Hijacking the session using browser cookies, 5.Sniffing, 6. Packet injection. However Man-in-the-middle attacks are more targeted attacks and not as common as phishing, or ransomware etc. the idea is not stealing money or causing small damages instead the reason for such an attack is used to get access to data, tamper goodwill, steal identities. Man-in-The-Middle attack is much more riskier than a normal phishing attack and therefore the damage caused will be much larger.